My favorite tv shows

The list isn’t in any order, and they are all available in netflix! Hope you enjoy it, subscribe for more 🙂

1- Orange is the new black

One of my favourites, there’s a lot of different people in this tv show, and it really teaches you a lot of things! I love the way you can see the people changing throughout the show, because there is such a lot of different people and groups, since the latinas, the junkies, the black people, the white people, and you realize how the prison life really is. Since sex (a lot, please don’t watch it if you think you’re not old enough), laughs, deaths, love, LBGT+, racism, and much more, I really recommend this to you.

2- Friends

Ok. This is actually my favorite sitcom, and probably my favorite tv show at all. It’s basically about 6 people that meet everyday in a local coffe shop, known as “Central Perk”. Most of them met in college, or somehow their lives crossed. It’s a comedy show, each episode lasts only 20 minutes, and it’s a very easy to watch, it’s very funny and sometimes it has a little bit of drama. And it’s set in the 90’s so you also get a lot of style inspiration!

3- How I met your mother

Since we’re in the sitcom vibe, here is a most recent one, but still amazing. Actually, there are a lot of people that compare both friends and himym, since himym has A LOT of similiar things as friends. Like, they always meet in a local bar (in friends they meet in a coffe shop), each person personality is similiar to a friends character, and it was made after friends ended, so yeah. But I personally love both, yes they are similar in some aspects, but in himym the main plot is Ted (the guy in the middle) telling his kids the story of how he met their mother (wow haahahha) and to get there, he tells a lot of funny stories, so every episode is a different thing (usually). But yeah, I really recommend it to everyone.

4- Prison break

I CAN’T HANDLE. THIS IS SO GOOD I BARELY DIED A FEW TIMES WATCHING IT. Yes, another show about prisons. But this one is much different, I promise you ahha. So, it’s about a genius (really) called Michael Scofield, that tries to save his brother that got convicted in prison with life penalty without doing anything, and goes to prison to try to break him out. But that’s just the beginning, and really. Watch it now.

5- Black mirror

This is probably the hardest one to explain. And that’s because each episode it’s completly different, with different characters, but the main plots are basically all around the same aspect: future technology, and how that will change our lives. There are some I don’t really like, but others that I love. There isn’t any order, and if you watch one and don’t like it just watch another one, because it’s so worthy. My favorite ones are:  San Junipero (Season 3, Episode 4); Nosedive (Season 3, Episode 1); Be Right Back (Season 2, Episode 1);  Black Museum (Season 4, Episode 6); White Christmas (Season 2, Episode 4).

6- The good place

Okay, so this is really different from all the ones I already showed. It’s about this girl (the one in the pink hoodie) that dies and goes to the “good place” aka the heaven. But when she gets there, she realizes that she was not supposed to be there, because everybody thinks that she’s another person with her name that went to the “bad place” aka hell, in her place. And in the end there’s a enormous plot twist, and the following seasons are even better.

7- Quicksand

This is probably the most underrated show in here. It’s a sweden (i guess) mini serie, and it’s so good. It starts with a school shooting “planned” by a couple (the one in the picture), but the guy end up dead and the girl is a mistery. Basically, you don’t know if she’s guilty or innocent, since her boyfriend was a possessive, drug addicted, and a little bit crazy guy. It shows a lot of throwbacks, showing how it lead to a freaking school shooting.

8- The end of the fucking world

This is such a messed up and crazy and great and weird show. It’s just wow. I can’t describe it, watch it, it’s not scary or creppy or anything, it’s actually a kind of adventure between two fucked up kids (literally, their minds are so crazy).

9- The society

So, a bunch of kids go on a school trip, but in the middle of the ride they have to go back because the road is closed or something like that. Buttt, when they get to the town there’s nobody there. Literally.So they have to figure out a way to keep living, because they are basically alone in the middle of nowhere (the ends of the town are just covered in a dense florest that doesn’t end) and their cellphones don’t work. It’s actually a very interesting plot, but there are somethings I find unecessary and stupid, but overall is great.

10- The basics

Yes, I know that a lot of tv shows that I showed you earlier were pretty basic but not as much as these. And I really like them, I just thing there’s no need to make a big description for each of them because well, you probably already know what they are about. And I’m talking about: Stranger Things, La casa de papel and Sex Education (kinda)

THAT’S IT! Make sure to subscribe for more and give support, because this actually takes a lot of time, even tho i doesn’t seem to.

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